Published On: Mon, Aug 15th, 2022

Zoom Fatigue: What is it, and How to Avoid it?

Virtual activities have become a big part of the “new normal” setup caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of talking in person, people begin interacting with each other through screens. Instead of meetings in person, people rely on doing it online. And instead of performing daily tasks physically and outside, people are doomed to sit in front of their monitors and exhaust themselves inside their homes.

As a result, everyone seems to experience online fatigues that are relatively worse than usual exhaustion. Since the Zoom application became more utilized as the number of online meetings increased, “the tiredness, worry, or burnout associated with overusing virtual communication platforms” is now called “Zoom fatigue,”according to Psychiatric Times.

Virtual assistant companies in the Philippines are the people who experience Zoom fatigue the most. Zoom fatigue is generally associated with:

General Fatigue

  • Where you feel tired in all aspects, including physical, emotional, mental, and others.

Visual Fatigue

  • Where your eyes wear out and may be damaged.

Social Fatigue

  • Where your social battery has been dramatically decreasing and takes slower to recharge.

Motivational Fatigue

  • Where you do not see the reason or purpose of giving your best anymore.

Emotional Fatigue

  • Where you’re breaking down or depressive episodes have been rampant lately.

These fatigues are the most severe kinds that need immediate attention and solutions. Due to this, companies need to hire a virtual assistant Philippines-located so they would not overwork and can give genuine care. Work-From-Home (WFH) setups prevent the further spread of COVID-19. However, they are borderline stressful since too much eye contact and less freedom of movement occur during their duration.

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