Published On: Tue, Sep 19th, 2017

What To Pack When For Your Travels

Are you the kind of person who stuffs your suitcase full with everything you might need and end up bringing half the of it back unused? Or are you the kind who is too frugal in packing items and end up having to buy what you could have brought from your home?

If you are not a frequent traveller, you are bound to face problems in deciding what to take and what not to take.

Destination dictates what you carry

Bare essentials aside, it is your destination that will primarily dictate what you need to carry. For example, if you are going to stay in a hotel, you need not carry towels or toiletries, since all hotels provide them. On the other hand, if you are going camping, you will need to carry all this stuff

Criteria for selection

Consider the following points, when choosing what to carry:

  • Comfort and convenience

Pack things that will be of use. For example, packing stilettos while on a trekking tour in the hope of making a statement wearing them during campfire will amount to lugging extra weight for a moment’s satisfaction that may not even materialize.

One effective means of arriving at the right decision is to hold every item you want to carry in your hand and ask yourself, “Will it be of any use to me? If yes, how and for which occasions.” This will help in pruning your bucket list and leave you with items really necessary for the trip.

  • Manageable luggage

There is little point in carrying stuff that will weigh you down and turn your fun trip into torture. Choose luggage that you can manage singlehandedly and not struggle with it.

For this, you can consider ultralight wheeler suitcase and a backpack. Of course, if you are going camping out in the wilderness, you will require a tent.

Essential items to carry

Here is a list of common essential items that you would certainly need while travelling:

  • Money belt: It is most important to secure your valuables. So, go in for a lightweight money belt with multiple pockets that can be conveniently hidden underneath the clothing. This will allow you to carry your passport and currencies on person at all times.
  • Plastic storage bags: There is nothing better than different-sized transparent plastic storage bags to keep your items. These will not only keep your items segregated, but also protects them from moisture.
  • Good Headphones: This item may seem trivial, but good headphones really are indispensable. Whether it’s a 20 hours bus trip in Vietnam or a trans-Atlantic flight next to crying twins, headphones will save your sanity. Now, noise cancelling ear buds are your best bet, when you are trying to get some sleep or catch up the latest podcasts in peace.
  • Multipurpose shoes: Whether on a sightseeing tour or going mountain trekking, shoes are one of the most essential items. Carry two pairs – a pair of durable sneakers for rough use and another pair for a more formal setting.
  • First aid kit: It is difficult to always find a medical shop on a trip, so it is best to carry the essential medications and other first aid items in a first aid kit.
  • Old innerwear: Won’t it be great to shed some load while coming back. So, carry your old, frayed innerwear that is on its last legs, so that you can trash it after use and lighten your weight.


There are plenty of other items that you may consider essential for travelling. But, weigh eachitem on whether it will be essential to your trip or just an extra that you may use. This will help weed out the inessentials from the essentials.

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