Published On: Sun, Feb 28th, 2021

What One Understands By Predictive Maintenance?

Predictive maintenance is the way by which a schedule is fixed and maintenance is done at periodic intervals. This helps in the smooth running of the machine, though not all of them are investigated in the same frequency. Predictive maintenance is a great solution as it helps in avoiding the add-on costs that breaking a machine could bring, otherwise, there are some components that others will not check at all. With industrial sensors alongside predictive maintenance, you now do not have to worry about machine breakdown as you would get to know about it at the first stop.

Though it might seem a bit intuitive, some industries have incorporated it and cannot do without it anymore. And, here you would get to know about the various industries which could benefit a great deal from this. It brings significant value to your business.

Automotive Industry

When it comes to automotive companies, they are known to run some of the biggest and the largest robotic assimilation or park. And, when it comes to the inventory cost, the cost while was causing losses which were then handled and controlled through the integrated supply chain. While the integrated supply chain helps with the reduction in inventory cost, if there is a decrease in manufacturing, it simultaneously affects the supply chain too. And, therefore no wonder the automotive industry benefits a lot from predictive maintenance which reduces downtime.


With close monitoring sensor data, airlines are not unknown to this technology. By analyzing more data now with the help of predictive maintenance, they could guarantee the safety of the passengers with analytical capabilities.


When it comes to the complexity of equipment, airlines stand at the top. But other modes of transportation like water transport and trains also work on complex machinery which if breaks down could cause a lot of hassle. They can benefit from this kind of maintenance.

Oil And Gas

Though there has been a move towards green energy, the use of oil and gas has not reduced and is still the biggest industry. And it has some of the most complex machinery run time one would come across. With oil spillage and refining, if disasters strike, it could cause harm not just to nature but human life too. And, to avoid that, better analytics could help with better maintenance.

Also, other industries where one could use predictive maintenance greatly would be ports and also high tech manufacturing. Predictive maintenance has brought a huge evolution in various industries and will continue to do so.

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