Published On: Sat, Nov 26th, 2022

What Are The Mistakes To Avoid When Installing A Solar Panel Roof?

Despite the cost of a solar panel roof, the benefits it offers are priceless. Homeowners and business owners can enjoy renewable energy and save up as they pay much lower electricity bills for years.

The issue is that many people make mistakes when installing a solar panel roof on their properties, leading to being unable to get the most out of solar power energy. Read on and learn what they are so you can avoid them when you have decided to take advantage of solar power in Singapore.

1. Forget To Consider The Available Space

No matter how beneficial solar power is, you can take advantage of it if there is not enough space to install the solar panels.

If you live in a condominium, chances are you cannot use the roof all for yourself since it is a common area among condo owners. In that case, you can use the balcony and install the solar panel roof there so it can absorb the solar energy.

2. Incorrect Estimation Of Energy Consumption

Every property has different energy consumption. Besides the space, energy usage can highly depend on the number of people using the appliances inside and how often they use them.

Enquire about a solar panel specialist if you are unsure how many solar panels you need at your property. Doing so will prevent you from having too many or few.

3. Opt For DIY Installation

Even though you can find online tutorials on how to install a solar panel roof, it will be challenging to put your acquired knowledge into practice without prior experience.  Instead of saving up, DIY installation could increase your expenses as you might need to get another set of solar panels and seek help from a solar energy company in Singapore.

4. Installing Under The Shade

A solar panel roof cannot do its job if you place it under the shade. Without the direct absorption of sunlight, it would not be able to convert solar energy into electricity.

5. Improper Orientation Of Solar Panels

Another thing that can hinder the performance of a solar panel is its orientation. If the one you have is a solar panel roof, installing it standing up would barely absorb any solar energy. The correct orientation for a solar panel roof is to lay it flat on a stable surface.

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