Published On: Thu, Jun 29th, 2017

Tips to save money when going on holiday

A holiday is something pleasant to look forward too.  After a long period of tiring work, a holiday can be a welcome experience if it goes to plan and you don’t overspend that is. A well-deserved break after a long period of tiresome work. On the subject of work, everyone would welcome some practically money saving tips when going on holiday! With this in mind I have devised this short article explaining nifty ways you can save money when on holiday and still have a great memorable time.

One way to save money is not to get a bad rate of exchange on any foreign currency that you may need. The best rates are to be had before you leave your country. Usually if you convert money at a local bank, rather than at the airport where currency exchanges give very poor rates you get the best deals. Often there are deals with no commission and a 0{6db5e000f09c1f5550c90f5b05c73e0fed985a870a9567f660d0a50967ef89bc} charge for converting excess money back on your return.

I regularly use courier services instead of paying for excess baggage as it works out a lot cheaper. I use the online services of It has a reputable reputation as mentioned on their website via the excellent Trustpilot badge (1st in category), and the business was also rated 9.3/10 from 1343 reviews. Courierpoint is able to achieve such good deals as they resell many top couriers services at discounted prices the customer cannot receive directly. If you wanted to send a parcel to USA from UK you can easily check to see how much this will cost via the instant quote me tool displayed on their website.

When you arrive at your destination, using a licenced taxi to take you to your hotel can be very expensive. With a bit of planning you can check the cost of your journey with a local mini-cab firm who will often work out much cheaper. Alternatively travel agents often offer a transfer by coach service – just check how long and how many stops your hotel is before booking.

Some outings while on holiday can be great value, others a rip off. Before booking checkout online reviews at TripAdvisor to find out which really deliver and which do not. The same can be done for local restaurants, to ensure that you are visiting the places that offer real service and value.

Another practical way of saving money when on holiday is to turn data roaming OFF! This will ensure you aren’t using mobile data which is extremely costly when holidaying abroad. To ensure you can still keep online, explore the latest social media keep up to date with the news and generally be able to surf the online internet you can do this via a wifi hotspot.

A brilliant way of saving money when flying abroad is to consider an indirect flight. They are often noticeable cheaper than the directly flights and this could save you some useful cash to spend when on holiday.  Another way of saving money is by picking your dates wisely, not picking dates in school holidays and half term breaks for example when the expensive flights are in prime.

I hope these tips help to make you holiday budget go further.

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