Published On: Thu, Jun 11th, 2020

Telugu Best Movies All The Time

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People often had this wrong perception about cinema is that the sole purpose of films is only entertainment. Our Telugu movies were successful in maintaining the balance between entertainment and emotions. It is not easy as we think to make a well emotional film. The director should have a strong story and a clear understanding of film making to make these sensitive films that touch our hearts and often make us cry. People only remember the laughs and tears while coming from a theatre. The best Telugu movies had us do both many times. Telugu movies have made some fantastic emotional films that have received recognition from other film industries. Most of the best Telugu films are emotional and dramatic that these movies forced us to cry, either due to the tears of happiness or pain.

Here is a list of some best Telugu movies online that are very emotional and took us on an emotional journey.

Kahidhi – A father’s struggle to see his daughter is the core of this film. An ex-felon is finally out of prison but a twist in the circumstances at a fateful party, he is left in charge of saving unconscious police officers after crossing paths with Inspector Bejoy. The duo must fight off times, moles in the police cadre, and the Drug lord to emerge victoriously.

Pressure Cooker – A coming of age family drama about a young graduate, Kishore, was caught under the pressure of his father’s ambition and pursuing his dreams.

Thammudu – Subbu, a happy go lucky guy, decides to change his ways and set off on a mission to prove his mettle at kickboxing to soothe his worried father. While he chooses to replace his brother, who was injured by his opponent in a match, with a lot at risk, will Subbu succeed and emerge victoriously?

Parugu – After his elder daughter elopes with Babu, Neelakanta is searching for her and kidnaps Babu’s friends. Krishna, one among them, falls in love with his younger daughter. How will Neelakanta react when he knows about this is the crux of the story.

Suryavamsham – Harischandra Prasad develops a strong dislike for his youngest son Bhanu Prasad over an unfortunate past. Bhanu’s kind-hearted and humble nature makes Swapna fall for him. But their troubles seem never-ending when they’re forced to move out after Harischandra Prasad disowns them.

Priyamaina Neeku – Sandhya loves Ganesh but does not dare to confess her feelings. Later, when Ganesh discovers this, he is in search of Sandhya. Will the world unite their love?

Kotha Bangaru Lokam – Fate brings a young couple closer, and they decide that what they feel is not an attraction but love. Will their love stand the test of the time?

Sirivennela – The story beyond love between Hari Prasad, a blind flutist, and Jyothirmai, who helps him discover the magic in his ability to weave melodies. Years later, startled by his admiration for her, Jyothi’s past haunts her with fears of tainting his pure love.

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