Published On: Thu, Jan 23rd, 2020

What Is Responsible Behaviour Amongst Online Indian Rummy Players?

Rummy is an age-old card game loved and played since generations. It’s fun and full of challenges that keep players on the brink of their seats throughout the game. With the game taking an online avatar, even those who didn’t play the game earlier are now eagerly joining the vibrant tables. Today, people’s perception of the online rummy game has changed a lot from what it was before. It is not merely a game of fun anymore. Instead, the skill involved, a competitive edge and opportunity to win cash rewards are primary reasons for attracting millions of players. But, while revelling in the fun, players must also ensure that their routine does not suffer. This is known as responsible behaviour in online rummy.

What Is Responsible Behaviour Amongst Online Indian Rummy Players

To thoroughly enjoy the online rummy game, a player must adhere to the responsible gaming policy, thereby ensuring that his gaming habits do not impact him or others around him. The question is, what all is included under responsible behaviour among online rummy players? Read on to find out.

  1. Time Management

Online rummy is a game that immediately captures one’s interest,and it’s hard to leave the game in between. But while online rummy is highly captivating, players shouldn’t forget that it is just a game, that must be played for entertainments purpose only, or during idle time. A responsible rummy player should be able to time his gaming sessions so that other chores or personal time are not much affected.

  1. Financial Management

Most players love playing the rummy cash games, and tournaments as these offer huge wins in the form of cash bonuses. But players must be mindful of their deposits in the game and ensure that it does not exceed their spending limit.  For players who are unable to themselves take charge of their money, trusted rummy sites have introduced the deposit limit feature. A player can utilise this to set weekly or monthly deposit limits. It is a great initiative to help players manage their financial spending on the game, and they can easily monitor their expenses.

  1. User Information

Responsible rummy sites always advise rummy players to keep their login credentials private, and not share them with anyone else, not even with close family members. Also, one must not leave their PC, mobile or tablet unattended when they are logged onto the platform. Although the trusted online rummy sites are highly secure these days, some precautions must be taken by the player too. Keeping your devices away from children or youngsters below the age of 18 years is one such step.

  1. Unscrupulous Activities

Players are advised not to get involved in any unethical activities such as hacking, chip dumping, collusion, creating multiple accounts, bonus abuse, etc. Getting involved in any of these results in strict action against the players often resulting in a lifelong ban. Instead of getting involved in such dodgy activities, why not improve your gaming skills and win big on the rummy tables.

  1. Self-Exclusion

At times, one might get too involved in the game, missing some important work. This is acceptable in case it’s a rare occurrence. But, if it has somehow become a habit, the player must take appropriate measures. Self-Exclusion is an excellent option in this case. A player can opt for either temporary or permanent exclusion from the game, following which his/her account will be blocked for the time he has chosen. The account can only be unblocked after the selected period is over. After completing the self-exclusion period, a player can resume playing online rummy easily. But the player must keep in mind that completing all other chores is much more important than the game. One must play rummy only for entertainment purpose, and not make it as a permanent habit that negatively impacts the players’ lifestyle.


Use of ethical gaming practices and playing responsibly is a must if you don’t want to lose interest in the long run. Online rummy is a game that helps build essential skills, along with giving players opportunities to win some cash. The online rummy game is meant for entertainment and should be treated as such. Players who play online rummy games keep in mind responsible gaming practices are known to have a higher success rates in their gaming career. Now that you know what a responsible gaming behaviour is, why not start implementing these practices for yourself too. We assure you that playing responsibly can prove to be quite beneficial for your gaming as well as personal life. Don’t believe us? Get on the vibrant rummy tables, and try it for yourself right now.

Happy Gaming!

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