Published On: Mon, Jul 2nd, 2018

Possible Reasons that Can Make you Believe in Paranormal Activities

Ghosts are spirits that have completely different world and entity. Many people think that there are evil spirits which we should fear while others think that they are angels who help and protect us. Scientists have done a lot of research on the theory of their existence. According to them, ghosts are another kind of energy. Everyone has energy which doesn’t die but takes another form. This other form is ghost.

New Orleans is supposed to be the forty sixth largest city in the US. This city has many stories of battles and slavery attached to it. People feel that the history of this city hasn’t been glorious due to miserable slavery trade and therefore, it has its own dark period which people are unaware of. It is the most visited place due to its natural sources during spring and all sorts of bars and clubs for enjoyment. Spirits & Ghost tours New Orleans is equally famous due to its history associated with Civil wars, Hurricane disasters and tragic death of people during the 1800s.

Here are few reasons why we feel ghosts exist –

  • There have been many stories with proofs where tourists have taken photographs at tourist points that contained a blurred image of someone which wasn’t present at the time of photo shoot.
  • Countries like Singapore, Malaysia, China, Thailand, and Vietnam follow rituals during the 7th month of the lunar calendar. According to them, all ghosts are released at that time and therefore, certain activities are stopped to reduce the chances of death.
  • There have been videos that show paranormal activities in locations that were already considered to be haunted.
  • Ghost hunters carry various ghost detector instruments to haunted places which can capture special energy force that no other instrument can. They have also assured that special force does exist in such places which can be good or bad.

When you fear something, it is obvious that you feel that thing around you. Ghosts are different forms of energy that can be understood only when you do some study on it.

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