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With the petrol and gas prices sky rocketing, it’s perfect time to learn how to hyper mile. Hypermiling is a way of driving a car while using as little gas as possible.

Some eco lovers also practise this type of driving due to environmental concerns. Every last fume of fuel in the tank is precious to a hyper miler. To get the best out of its performance auto parts and to keep the car in top notch condition, it’s necessary to practise such driving habits.

What is hypermiling?

Hypermiling is a method of increasing your car’s mpg by making skilful changes in the way you drive, allowing you to save gas and environment from harmful emissions.

Here are some of the best hypermiling tips that increase the amount of distance you get for tank full of gas.

Reduce inertia, tire and wind resistance

SUVs are often customized with the features that are often bad for a gas mileage. Overcoming the rolling resistance of a tire can account for as much as 20 percent of the fuel consumed by an SUV.

Opt for those tires with a lower rolling resistance to decrease the drag heavy duty tires impact on the vehicle.

Remove unnecessary weight from the vehicle. The less weight you are carrying in your car or SUV, the more fuel you will use. The drag created by SUV’s roof rack can reduce fuel efficiency by up to 5 percent.

Observe the speed limit and speeding habits

Accelerate slowly, do not drag race. Each vehicle has a range of speeds within which it reaches its optimum fuel efficiency, usually within 45 to 60 miles per hour.

We do get more MPG by accelerating less. The reason being that the more you push the accelerator pedal, the more gas it uses to speed up. The best thing is to accelerate briskly and shift.

Most of us tend drive 10mph above the speed limit without even realizing it, especially in a large, heavy and powerful vehicle.

You can also practise some driving techniques like: do not drive aggressively and maintain a proper speed, keep moving in traffic congestion, turn off the engine when idle for a long time, slowly accelerate after stops, cruise control saves gas so use it.

Use cruise control

Use cruise control when you are on the highway. It helps maintain a consistent speed and in the most cases saves gas. You might burn a little more going uphill, but you will increase your efficiency on the way down.

The “accel” button on cruise control is a great way to accelerate slowly. Cruise control doesn’t allow you to turn it on until you reach a certain speed like 25mph. Just accelerate slowly and hit the set button and after that use accel button to go up from there.

But keep in mind- cruise control does not have the ability to apply brakes. So never let your feet become relaxed because you will always need to hit the brakes.

Decrease the time of braking

Decrease the amount of times you brake, just as you would on a bike. The more you keep the momentum up, the less you will have to work on the way up the next hill. The less you brake, the better it is for hypermiling.

But serious hyper milers hate braking. Don’t rush to junctions. Instead time your approach to a give waypoint as the last car is departing. Avoid stopping as much as you can especially the unnecessary stops. Practise “accordion driving” for traffic jams. Wait for the car in front of you to have moved a distance ahead, the slowly more behind.

Try to time it so that the other car is moving again by the time you reach it.

Stop start driving is among the most fuel intensive forms of car travel. If you are sitting idle for 10 seconds, it is not bad to switch off the engine.

Install Real time fuel usage detectors

Monitoring real time fuel readouts is a safe practise of hypermiling. It is because it is not hazardous as compared to other system monitoring gadgets. Install a gauge that shows your real time fuel usage.

They are quite economical and are considered by some to be single most useful tool a hyper miler can have.

Other factors to consider

All weather conditions have their unique impact on car’s gas mileage. But running against the wind is detrimental. It’s wise to take steps to reduce idling and aimless driving. Don’t spend a lot of time driving around the parking lots looking for the closest spot.

Park at the perimeter or in a lonely corner and remember to park facing out so you can quickly get out when you need to.

Use less electric accessory

Car heaters don’t use up much fuel as they recycle the heat from the engine. But the opposite is true with air conditioning. Don’t run the air conditioner when you can actually compromise.

Driving with AC can actually account up to 10 percent of your overall fuel consumption. At the speed less than 40 mph, opening the window the slightly won’t really affect the fuel use, but air conditioning increases the fuel use at all speeds.

The key is to reduce AC as much as possible. Use a windshield shade to block the cabin from the sun’s rays.

Properly inflate tires

Keep your tires properly inflated. For every three pounds below their recommended pressure, your fuel economy drops 1 percent. Tires can lose 1 pound of pressure per month, so check the pressure regularly.

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