Published On: Thu, Mar 15th, 2018

Irritated with the unwanted hair on your body? Check how laser hair removal can help you!

Hair removal has become a troublesome issue for many people. The traditional methods of hair removal like shaving, tweezing, waxing, or using creams come with known limitations. To add to that, shaving and waxing are painful, time-consuming procedures. People are looking for alternatives – and the good news? There is a safe alternative that is not only saves you a lot of time and effort, but also money in the long run. Laser hair removal is a permanent solution, unlike the traditional methods, for people looking to undergo hair removal.

Laser hair removal is medically approved and focuses an intense beam of light on those parts of the body that need to undergo hair removal. A laser beam is passed through the skin to each individual hair follicle. The laser makes use of the contrast in your skin colour and the colour of hair follicles pigment to pick out target follicles. This kills the follicles thereby inhibiting any growth in the future.

However, you should note that laser treatment guarantees “permanent removal,” albeit after some sessions. One session of laser hair removal can last for up to 5-10 minutes depending on the size of the area under treatment. For best results, 5-7 sessions are suggested – again, it depends on the size. Periodic maintenance treatments are also needed while you’re undergoing the procedure.

Laser hair removal is generally performed on legs, underarms, upper lip, face, chin, and bikini line. It’s possible to treat unwanted hair in any area of your body using laser reduction, but it’s recommended to not expose the area near your eyes to the laser beam.

The success of laser hair removal also mildly depends on your hair colour and skin tone/type. Melanin is currently considered as the primary chromophore for all hair removal lasers. It occurs naturally in the skin and is responsible for giving colour to the hair and the skin. Essentially, there are two types of Melanin – Eumelanin gives black or brown hair whereas Pheomelanin gives blonde or red hair. The photons in the laser light are selective absorptive, so they’re better at removing hair which is darker in colour. So, people who have light skin and dark hair are said to see the best results post laser hair reduction.

However, thanks to the advancements in technologies, there are now even more sophisticated lasers which can treat people with darker skins – people of Asian, African, or Hispanic origin. One such advanced laser is the Nd: YAG which focuses on people having dark skin tones.

Laser hair removal is performed by specialised doctors and surgeons, and should never be undergone at a salon or a spa. If anything goes wrong, you’ll be at a huge loss regarding both money and the health of your skin. There are specialized surgeons at your disposal who can guide you through the overall process from start to end including the routine maintenance. So, it’s recommended to check out the professionals in this space, read some reviews, talk to the doctors, and pick the one that you think suits your needs the best!

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