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How to Reduce Risk of Getting Breast Cancer

Cancer is a disease that deteriorates your physical body, emotions, and mental state. You might feel overwhelmed by how cancer can also make you feel less inspired and motivated to move forward in life. There would be a day you wouldn’t want to walk around or stay at your home, isolated from the outside world. The real struggle of dealing with cancer is the day-to-day mental effects of the disease. So, as early as now, you need to have a health check-up for breast cancer screening in Singapore to prevent it from developing in the future.

Fortunately, it’s a battle that you can win. All you need is the information and the steps to take action. Now, continue reading this article for more breast cancer awareness.

Facts People Need to Know About Breast Cancer

It’s nothing unusual to hear someone got diagnosed with breast cancer. Although the disease is well-known, many people still don’t know essential facts about breast cancer. To help you be more knowledgeable, here are the things you should know about the said diseases.

  • Breast cancer is common among women in Singapore – Statistically speaking, 1 in 13 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime, or you can say 2000 cases per year. It’s common, and if you want to ensure your health, you can look for a female health screening package in Singapore for a general consultation.
  • Men can get breast cancer – Indeed, men getting breast cancer is rare. However, men are also born with the same cells and tissues that you can find in the female body. Breast cancer among men is uncommon, but better to be sure by going to your doctor to prevent this disease from spreading.
  • There are many cancer survivors – Good news! Many people have survived breast cancer and recovered to their normal health. It sounds promising because you can also surpass this challenge in life by doing the right thing. The only thing you need to do is to find the courage and be brave.
  • Death regarding breast cancer is declining – Due to advanced science and technology, most medical professionals can provide patients with better treatment and screening. As such, people can prevent the disease before it progresses into a deadly medical problem. So, look for a health screening promotion to have your general consultation.
  • Genetics plays a role in breast cancer – Apart from your lifestyle, genetics can also play a role in developing breast cancer, whether you’re a man or a woman. It’s better to consult a genetic counsellor and get more information about your genes. You can also look for a health screening promotion to learn more about your health condition.

Here are the essential facts people should know about cancer. Moving forward, it’s also your responsibility to prevent the disease from developing. With your efforts, you can proudly say that you are capable of surviving this ordeal with a breast cancer screening in Singapore.


Prevention Tips: How to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Yes, you don’t have any control over your genetics, but throughout your life, you have the power to decide about your lifestyle and health choices. Remember, life is all about choices, so choose the good ones and see how they can improve your overall life quality.

So, If you want to prevent the risk of getting breast cancer, here are the tips you should follow for a healthier life.

1) Avoid Smoking

Smoking is an addictive life vice, making it hard for people to resist temptation. Once you start smoking, it may be hard to let go of this activity. Smoking is unhelpful for your overall health, especially the risk of getting breast cancer. If you’re an avid smoker, look for women’s health screening packages in Singapore to see how it already affected your health. If the medical test results show negative signs, make sure to take action to stop this bad habit.

However, if you have an uncontrollable addiction, seek professional help who can help you stop smoking. For sure, your efforts will have a fruitful result in the future.

2) Stay Fit and Physically Active

It’s better to stay fit and physically active regardless of your age. Follow an exercise routine not because you want a sexy body but to improve your overall health. Research suggests that regular exercise can decrease your chances of developing breast cancer by 10%. Better yet, you can also look for a health screening promotion to know the perfect type of exercise for your body.

3) Prepare a Healthy Diet

Surprisingly, preventing breast cancer is like living a normal healthy lifestyle. You don’t need to do fancy things like attending an expensive therapy or perhaps joining scientific research. You only need to stick to a healthy diet and provide your body with the nutrients it needs. If you need more information about your diet regarding your cancer, look for a female health screening package in Singapore to know the foods to include.

It may consist of lean meat, fruits, vegetables, and grains. One tip with your diet is to eat various foods to get all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

4) Attend Regular Health Screening or Consultation

To stay updated about your health, you can also ask to attend a regular consultation from women’s health screening packages. This way, you can track your health and get information about your current status. You’ll know what to do and protect your health from possible dangers. The doctor can also advise you to take supplements if needed.

5) Participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Programs

Finally, you can also participate in breast cancer awareness programs to learn more about the disease. You’ll get updated about the latest treatments available to the public. You’ll also help other people be knowledgeable about cancer and their family and friends who suffer from it.

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