Published On: Fri, Jun 18th, 2021

How to Choose the Right Video Production Company

Compared to many other traditional mediums, film and video might be relatively recent, but no one can deny the influence that it has on the modern world. The invention of the camera has restructured many fields, from entertainment to news to security. Because of its astounding versatility, it’s not surprising that its importance also extends to many roles in business as well.

What film brings to the (conference) table

Film and video have enormous potential in marketing and other business purposes. And not only that, but the digital revolution that is currently happening right now is only expanding its growth. As the public rapidly shifts towards technology like smartphones and tablets and increases their reliance on the internet, their access to video content only solidifies. Sites like Youtube and Instagram, both video and image sharing sites, are used by millions of people around the world.

Video content and digital marketing go hand in hand. Did you know that every day, nearly a billion hours of video are watched on Youtube? Video is the fastest-growing advertising medium, especially online, where most people have access to it. Film is no longer the exclusive territory of top production houses or rich businesses, now, even consumers are creating their own content.

With film playing such a big part in our everyday lives and how digital marketing has unlimited potential, many businesses, no matter their size, will greatly benefit from including video in their business strategies. When done correctly, video is a highly effective tool that serves functions like attracting customers, marketing to potentials, disseminating information, and so on.

Some reasons to be hesitant about video marketing

Let’s face it, making films can be a risky business. You don’t know how the public will react to your video, and sometimes it can be a bit tricky to predict trends. Watching videos requires the viewers’ attention, which can be difficult to capture. Add to that the fact that videos can be costly to produce.

The reason why many companies are hesitant to spend their marketing budget on creating videos is that they may not deliver the return on investment or result that they want. As with many types of marketing strategies, video marketing is a gamble that you have to do wisely.


Choosing a video production company

If you want to create a great video or video marketing strategy that has some impact, which production company you choose will have a massive impact on your success. Thankfully, there are many film companies in Singapore that you can choose from, but some will be more appropriate for the type of video you want to make than others. Some common mistakes that people can make are:

1. Choosing the cheapest option. “Affordable” will not always mean “quality.” Going for a company that has more competitive rates may not always be a good idea, especially when you’re creating a video that will most probably affect people’s perception of your company.

2. Not taking style or content into consideration. It can be truly difficult to know the quality of the video that the company will produce if there is no basis for comparison. It’s better to check whether the film production company has done similar styles of video as the one that you actually need or want.

3. Neglecting to do your research. The number one sin that you can commit when choosing a video production company (or really, any type of service company) is not looking into relevant information about your prospective choices. How much experience do they have? Do they have any noteworthy accolades and awards? Who are their past clients? These are important to look into.


Great takeaways on selecting your choices

Now that you know what common mistakes you can avoid during your selection process, here are a few tips for finding great film companies.

1. Choose one that has recurring or long-term clients. This often means they build strong relationships and rapport with them.
2. Choose one that has specific experience in the type of video you want. Do you need one for social media sites, for corporate or training purposes, etc.?
3. Choose one that goes into detail about the specifics of your video. How many days of shooting do they allot? How much is their rate for their videos? How do they handle actor fees?


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