Published On: Wed, Oct 19th, 2022

How Family Service Centres Can Help Step Families

Motherhood itself is already a challenging role, but to be a stepmom is on another level. Stories of children in step families seeing their new mom as an evil stepmother are typical. Maladaptation or the children’s tendency to see things negatively in these situations are the most common triggers. But whatever the reason, we understand that coping with your new role as a stepmom is quite daunting. Thus, we wrote this guide for mothers and their step families.

It is vital to set your expectations straight.

Let’s face it, even when you are in the situation of your stepchildren, having a new mom sounds like they need to replace their mom. Thus, it is easy for them to see you as someone stealing their mother’s role. It is the most common reason children in step families are sceptical about their stepmothers.

You have to be more understanding in this case. After all, children are still learning to develop their emotions. It will often be one-sided care and affection than your dream of a perfect mom and kids scenario. Things will change as they grow to accept you.

Be patient while your kids are adapting.

Reinforcing strict rules, changing the house rules and raising your voice can contribute negatively to your stepchildren’s mindset. Avoid getting on your children’s bad side and show them that you care for them genuinely through positive parenting.

Seek Family Therapy

In case you think you messed up or no strategy seems to work. Try to seek family therapy in Singapore. It may sound too serious at first. In reality, family therapy offers a holistic and positive way to resolve family conflicts. There are lots of family service centres in Singapore that offer this type of service.

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