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How Can I Get Involved In Charity Work In Singapore?

It is natural for humans to commune and help each other. In fact, this instinct gave birth to human civilization, and since then, the human race has evolved to what we are today– a progressive society directed towards achieving unimaginable milestones.

However, despite our feat, the gap between race, class, gender, and other social distinctions remain firm. And as a part of the community, we have a responsibility to narrow and eliminate these gaps entirely.

Charity work is one of the ways to fulfil our moral duties. People help bring equality and unity in communities by simply volunteering and donating to charity organizations in Singapore for the poor.

Giving back to the community is not limited to people with unlimited resources. An ordinary person can do charity work in many ways available. Although monetary assistance is the most common support, service is highly welcomed as well. You can devote your time and energy by being a volunteer in house building activity for the homeless. The question is: how can we benefit from being involved in charity works?

How Can Charity Work Benefit Everyone?

Everything that humans do creates a domino effect, whether they are good and bad. Of course, we all want to pass positive things to others, like how the sky blesses the mountains with rain, trickling down rivers, lakes, and seas, providing livelihood and resources to the community.

Devoting time and resources to children charity organizations in Singaporebenefits not only the kids and their families but also the people who support the cause.

Charity Work Unites and Empowers The Community

It is a common belief that only influential elites and moguls can help the community. However, we should be reminded that even ordinary people can bring a significant change into the community. People must remember that there is power in numbers.

Through collective actions of individuals, the small donations from families, students, and budding entrepreneurs can be big enough to feed thousands of unprivileged children helped by charity organisations in Singapore. 

No roles are too small in charity work. Donating a day allowance or spending three hours volunteering makes a difference. Small steps may seem to be insignificant if you are looking at the smaller perspective. These small collective actions from hundreds of individuals unite and empower the community, bringing a drastic change.

The best part? It may surprise you how a donated sack of rice feeds dozens of hungry children incharity organizations in Singapore for the poor.

Charity Work Introduces and Teaches Generosity

Apart from generational wealth, which actually diminishes over time, one thing a person can leave is his or her legacy. One of the advantages of moral principle and ethos is they can be passed down to anyone freely, blood-related or not.

Doing charity work introduces and teaches generosity. Not only charity work inspires the beneficiaries and the philanthropists, but it motivates people around it as well. Ordinary people like parents can discuss and teach the importance of generosity at home.

Parents can start with including their children in their charity work by encouraging them to save their allowance for donation to charity organizations in Singapore for the poor. Donating preloved soft toys and books is also a good step for little children. Children bring these life lessons to their adulthood, passing them down to their own sons and daughters.

Besides your children, seeing this advocacy also inspires and motivates friends and relatives to be involved in the charity work. Little donations and solicitations from them can be a great help to children in charity organisations in Singapore.

Charity Work Erases Gender and Racial Discrimination


Non-government charity organisations also help eliminate gender and racial discrimination in many ways, including empowerment and representation.

Singapore still has a long way to go to provide equal opportunities as the country ranked 54th among 153 countries when it comes to gender cap for the year 2020, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF). The criteria include economic opportunity and participation, political empowerment, educational attainment, and health and survival.

Fortunately, non-profit organisations empower women through education, livelihood opportunities, skills and training, and children and women’s rights protection.

It gets better, especially with Singapore being one of the leading countries in Asia that provide safe countries for women to live in.

Singapore is also a melting pot country with such open diversity. Legal representation also helps eliminate racial discrimination within the country.

You can support charities advocating equality by being a volunteer to house building projects for families, empowering mothers and their spouses.

Gives Sense of Fulfilment

As humans, it is natural for us to have a sense of fulfilment when helping one another. It is an innate instinct we have even in the early years of human civilization.

We fulfil this need by helping others, hence the pleasure we feel whenever we give food to the hungry or help an elderly cross the street.

Fortunately, there are millions of ways to satisfy these feelings, including supporting non-profitcharity organizations in Singapore for the poor.

People can volunteer and devote their time to charity work, offer free services, give in-kind donations, and provide monetary support.

Apart from taking pride in accomplishing moral duties, volunteers also meet people with the same purpose and desire to help; thus, strengthening the passion and boosting the drive to continue philanthropy. Therefore, creating power in numbers.

Helps Highlights Serious Issues

Charity works are not limited to being a volunteer to house building projects for the homeless or feeding programmes for children with micronutrient deficiencies.

Other problems that need to be highlighted are environmental issues, human rights, education, labour, and healthcare.

One of the issues that are gaining attention is environmental problems. Apart from the climate action agreed upon by many countries, many non-profit organisations call for environmental accountability of the biggest manufacturers that highly contribute to waste and pollution problems globally.

Finding your core and purpose is essential in finding the appropriate charity work for you. You can advocate education and help sponsor a child to college or help protect children’s rights by supportingchildren charity organisations in Singapore.

4 Ways To Get Involved In Charity Work


There are lots of ways to be involved in charity work. The best part? These ways vary depending on your resources and how much time and effort you can give. Because the fact is, all of us do not have the luxury of money and time to offer. Yet, these challenges do not limit what we can do for the community. Here are the ways on how you can give back to the community throughcharity organizations in Singapore for the poor.


Volunteering is one of the most common charity work people can do, especially for students and younger people. This work does not require money but needs time and energy commitment.

People canvolunteer to do tasks such as house building and construction for the homeless, cook hot meals for malnourished children, and teach basic maths to out of school youth.

Volunteering does not require a long time commitment, although full-time volunteers are welcomed. Volunteer teachers teach out of school children every weekend, while others volunteer to organise occasional events such as fundraising drives quarterly.

Volunteering is not always supposed to be in line with your speciality. For example, students who do not have enough experience can do basic tasks such as helping adults with the preparation during programmes, organising the kids, and cleaning after the event.

Nevertheless, skills and expertise still matter for more complex tasks such as volunteer teaching and mentoring, cooking, and administrative jobs to ensure the quality of service.


Another way to helpcharity organizations in Singaporefor the poor is through donations. This method is best for people who have schedules that do not permit volunteering commitments.

There are two types of donation: in-kind and monetary.

Monetary donations can be in the form of cash. Usually, children charity groups in Singapore do not impose minimum and maximum amounts to encourage more people to donate. People can freely donate any time they want, but non-profit organisations also conduct fund-raising events to boost monetary donations. The money collected from these events usually goes to more specific purposes, such as the construction of classrooms for out of school children.

In-kind donations are usually usable items, such as educational materials, hygiene products and essentials, and scholarship grants. In healthcare, people donate blood to the blood banks and even organs for transplants.

Business Support

There are non-profit organisations that sell products and services where the proceeds go directly to charity work. These charity organisations may sell handcrafted goods made by mothers as part of their livelihood programmes.

On the other hand, small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, and performers partner up with charities by selling their products and services. A part of the profit goes to the organisations. If you have a small business or offer specific services, you can partner with your chosen charity.

People without businesses or services can do charity work by supporting shops and works that are helping charities through purchasing and promoting their products. It is a win-win situation for the business, charity, and customers.

Organising and Participating in Small Events

The fact is you don’t have to be a part of a children charity organization in Singapore to help underprivileged kids. Companies, by principle and virtue, have corporate social responsibility.

Employees can participate in their company CSR activities. Corporations usually hold donation drives, specifically educational materials such as paper and pen, for out of school children. Employees themselves can start initiatives by organising fundraising events within the company like a marathon; profitable events such as movie block screening, raffles, and product selling.

Communities can get involved as well by conducting garage sales where all profits go to charity organizations in Singapore for the poor.

A Step by Step Guide To Charity Work


Once you have decided to get involved and create an impact on the community, here is the step by step guide to charity work. It may seem to be overwhelming at first, but the process is surely easy and friendly. Students and adults can use this guide when choosing the appropriate cause, purpose, and goal of the charity work.


There are lots of areas in the society we want to help with; however, we can function better when focusing on single charity work. Determining our core is the first step. What is your purpose and advocacy in life? Are you pushing for equal opportunity for education?

There are children charity organisations in Singaporethat are focused on providing education to out of school children through free weekend classes or scholarship grants.

Some organisations accept volunteers for house building and constructions for the homeless, while others help maintain animal shelters for neglected pets.


People have different resources to give. Some people afford cash donations and sponsorships, while others choose to offer their services and time commitment. The best thing about charities is they welcome any kind of help. Monetary and service are highly welcome.


Treat charity work, especially those who choose to become volunteers, as a job application. However, the purpose of your charity resume is not to impress but to highlight your skills and availability. This way, charity organizations in Singapore for the poor can assign you a position where you can function best. Are you an accountant? Maybe you are fit for a volunteer maths teacher. Are you a writer? Perhaps you can proofread and edit educational materials for children.


There are lots of charity organisations in Singapore. You can start by browsing the internet or asking your local government. Some religious groups are also involved in charity work. Your office can also give you a list of its partner organisations for its corporate social responsibility.


It is much better to plan out your schedule early. If you are planning weekly volunteer work, make sure to free up your weekends or weekdays. Still, charity work should not compromise your other responsibilities and commitment.

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