Published On: Wed, Mar 14th, 2018

5 Things Real Estate Agents Should Look For When Hiring a Drone Video Service

With competition in the real estate industry being cutthroat, real estate agents must do everything they can to make themselves stand out from rest of the agents. This is the only way to capture new clients and close more deals. And one way to do this is by using drone video service. Getting aerial photos and videos of the property you are selling can give you an incredible advantage over other agents. Below, we will look at the five things every real estate agent should look for when hiring a drone video service.


Make sure that the drone video service does have the necessary licenses as required by the law to fly the drone in public places. Otherwise, as a person who hired the drone service, you might be responsible for any legal violations they make while shooting the video. So, ask for the drone operator to give their license number and check whether it is valid by visiting the FAA website. If the operator looks unwilling to provide you the license, then it will be safer for you to avoid their service and look for an honest licensed drone operator somewhere else.

Hiring a Drone Video Service


Check the portfolio of the drone service and make sure that they do have some stunning examples of real estate aerial videos. Now, even if they don’t have a real estate video, you should at least try to ensure that the service does have interesting shots of landscapes. If you don’t know what a top-notch drone video will look like, then check out and see whether the samples sent by the service matches with the quality of videos on the website.


The drone service must have insurance. Typically, such services have insurance in the range of $1,000,000.  As such, you should also expect the drone operator to have at least that much insurance. Now, do makes sure that the insurance the service has is not the typical general liability insurance, but the aviation insurance. If you use an uninsured drone operator and if an accident occurs, then you may be made financially liable for the damages.

Services Provided

You also need to check as to what kind of services the drone operator provides. Do they only do exterior shots or can they also do interior shots of a home? Will they take a brief drone video of the locality or is their service limited only within the property? Is any extensive post-production work required or o they have so much expertise that only minimal post-production adjustments are necessary for the video? Only when you know the answers to such questions will you also understand what to expect from a particular service and whether they will be able to meet your needs within your budget.

Preparation Required

Finally, check out the preparation that will be required to shoot the drone video. The things inside the house will have to be arranged, the landscape may have to be readjusted a bit so that it looks nice in the video etc. The more preparation is required, the more of a headache it will be for you. So, as far as possible, get a drone video service who can shoot the property as it is and still make it look good.

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