Published On: Fri, Apr 29th, 2022

Here’s Why You Should Take Up Electrical Engineering In Singapore

Alexander Graham Bell. Nikola Tesla. George Westinghouse.

Those are just some of the big names when searching for the electrical professional engineerindustry. Many people know Alexander Graham Bell as the inventor of the first practical telephone. However, not everyone knows that he used to be an electrical professional engineer. At the age of 12, he was already fond of technology. That is the primary reason why he was able to work on and introduce an upgraded telegraph machine in 1876. Business partners Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse were also well-recognised electrical engineers. Tesla invented induction coils in 1891, while Westinghouse is best known for his railway air brake systems.

According to the latest rankings, Singapore is one of the top countries that provide quality electrical engineering services. Most of the universities in the country have honed electrical engineer students and have already acquired their Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) license. Singaporehas the top engineering universities all over the globe.

If you are still confused and unsure about your study plans, here are four reasons why you should consider taking electrical professional engineer courses.


An electrical professional engineer is responsible for the design, inspection, repair, and supervision of the electrical system. They can work in indoor and outdoor settings, but occasionally, in restricted spaces.


An electrical consultant in Singapore is ALWAYS in demand. Because of their diverse skills, they can accommodate residential, commercial, or industrial buildings. Electrical engineering is one of the most sought courses nowadays as it can provide a wide array of career opportunities. They can work in renewable energy power plants, mobile networking, global system technologies, etc. Given the fact that the world revolves around technology and electricity, electrical engineering services will always be in demand.

Along with the advancement and development of the technology industries, the electrical professional engineer jobs have rapidly increased in the last decades. It is still projected to grow even more in the coming years. The high demand for an electrical consultant in Singapore equals the need for more electrical engineers. That only creates and opens more career opportunities and doors for you as soon as you graduate.



Did you know that you can also get a LEW license even with a different college degree? One of the things to consider is the range of degrees you can study in college. Electrical engineering servicesneed the application of mathematics, the use of scientific knowledge, and engineering theories. Because of that, you can study undergraduate courses related to it. You can take up a bachelor’s degree in materials science, digital and signal integrated circuits, applied mathematics, computer science, electrical and electronic engineering, and any other degrees aligned to its curriculum.

However, in order to be a professional electrical consultant in Singapore, you need to learn the advanced knowledge of Physics, Mathematics, electronics, and engineering. You can take a master’s degree in electrical engineering, master of science, or master’s in engineering. It usually takes two years to graduate. After graduating, you can apply to get your LEW license.


Aside from the workload, one of the reasons why students get particular with their degree is the salary. Today’s generation chooses undergraduate degrees that offer high-paying careers after graduation, such as lawyers, doctors, architects, or engineers. One of the reasons to consider taking electrical engineering degrees is it’s a high-paying job, too. Generally, according to the most recent survey, the average salary of an entry-level engineer ranges from S$8,000-to S$12,000. An electrical consultant in Singapore can earn more depending on the level of their experience. Naturally, the more skilled and experienced you are, the higher your value and wage are. Also, do take note that having a LEW license does not only add power to your knowledge and experience, but it can also make you earn more money. A licensed electrical and professional engineer has experienced and acquired more skills and competency. You can use that to negotiate and ask for a higher salary.



Becoming an electrical consultant in Singaporeopens a lot of career options. You can work in any industry and in any other country. Electrical engineering services deal with electricity, electronics, or electromagnetism. The companies that need a diverse range of computer and technology skills require electrical and professional engineers. The people and the world are keeping up with the pace of technology. That is the leading reason these jobs are in demand in almost all countries. Studying electrical engineering can take you to places.

However, your skills are not limited to that. A skilled electrical and professional engineeris also responsible for in-house electrical systems, such as motor control, power generation, transmission, lighting and wiring repairs, designing telecommunication systems, electrical power stations, and supervising satellite communications. You can also work in the following industries:

  • Mobile networking
  • Radio-frequency engineering
  • Banking and finance
  • Telecommunication signal processing
  • Transportation innovation
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Power engineering and control systems


With all those reasons mentioned, studying electrical engineering as your undergraduate degree creates a massive scope of opportunities for you in the future. Being an electrical consultant in Singapore can take you to different places and offer you a high salary. The most important thing to consider is electrical engineering develops and improves your problem-solving and logical skills. These two skills are highly needed not only in the professional world but also in real-life situations and living in the real world.

Singapore is one of the known business and education hubs across the globe. The Ministry of Education maintains high academic standards, A-level universities, and excellent courses. The country is recognised as one of the best and finest education systems among others in Asia. If you really want to be an electrical and professional engineer and get a LEW license, there is no better option than to study in your home, Singapore.

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