Published On: Fri, Dec 28th, 2018

Here’s How You Should Never Miss Any NHL Game Ever Again

We are fast approaching the halfway point of the NHL season and everything is just as interesting as we would have thought. Just this week, the Coyotes beat Sharks by just the same margin (and score line) that Kings presided over Golden Knights with.

On the otherbusiness end of things, Islanders went all out to take a 2-point gap win over Stars. Both Bruins and Devils will also be warming up to ensure they don’t extend their losing streaks – with the Devils being the more likely to be dangerous since they have nothing to lose.

In all, we don’t see how you would want to miss any of the games.

Blackout Problems?

If you have ever been in these shoes, you will agree that blackouts are one of the biggest factors that contribute to missing the games. They are usually engineeredby the show promoters to get more people to the ringside.

Hence, you will be at a higher risk of falling a victim when the game is to be played in your region/ locale.

Maybe it’s the cost of cable

And we have another one here.

We all know that cable doesn’t come cheap. It helps if you are using the other channels on your cable TV extensively. When it is only the hockey games you want to grab, though, they can get quite expensive to handle and manage.

Even at their premium price, it is still shocking that they will leave you at the mercy of blackouts like we mentioned above.

Location, location, location

North America is the primary market of NHL, and that is where the content is strictly distributed. That means Tv channels from other regions do not have the right to air these games.

This is bad news for fans and enthusiasts who are either living or travelling outside these locations at the times of the games. is a great fix

The good news is, NHL introduced their very own streaming platform, and it addresses a couple of the issues raised above. Dubbed, this service gives you a streaming package with highly competitive pricing.

It allows you stream just NHL and related content, and brings everything to the same place for you. Besides, you can now stream the games from outside the North American market.

That being said, does have its own flaws. The platform still doesn’t get rid of the blackouts for local viewers. The international viewers are not subject to those, but not all international markets get it too.

Besides the select few that have been picked by NHL, no other market will be able to access the games.

The ultimate combination

To get rid of ALL possible problems, we recommend that you watch NHL with a VPN.

With that VPN, you get to change your location at will. This feature comes in handy when you are about to escape blackouts which have been imposedin your region. At that point, you just connect to a server locationwhere the game is not being aired and you are good to go.

For those who don’t have available in their countries at all, fret not. Start up your VPN and connect to a server location from a supported country. Purchase your subscription from there and you’re good to go again. It is that easy.

Lest we forget, you can also get deals on the subscription package when you use a VPN. subscriptions are not sold at the same price everywhere. Shop around the different supported locations for the best price and get yours from there.

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