Published On: Wed, Aug 10th, 2022

Getting the Best Divorce Lawyer in Singapore and Other Tips for Divorce

A criminal lawyer in Singapore is not the right person for the job if you want to get a divorce. But divorce is still an affair the government is involved in— law dictates that couples have legal obligations to each other and their children when marriage is involved. You will still need a lawyer to complete the process of divorce, though it is not the kind you may think of. Lawyers do not only deal with injustices in the system, but they also deal with fixing family matters as well. What you need is a family lawyer to help you.

What is family law?

When you seek a solution or outcome from a court of law in Singapore, the first thing you need to consider is the issue being disputed by two parties. There are three types of issues:

1)    Civil

2)    Criminal

3)    Family

Civil law pertains to disputes between two unrelated parties (they could be entities or individuals). Examples of civil law disputes include property disputes or trademark infringement. Criminal law cases refer to actions that threaten the rights, safety, and security of people and the public. People charged with criminal law issues may be murderers, traffickers, drug offenders, and more. These disruptive behaviours should not be tolerated in society.

Family law, on the other hand, may also fall under civil law. But they are special cases because they involve individuals with close familial ties. Familial ties may bring a lot of emotional anguish and biases with each dispute. The presence of a family lawyer in Singapore may help negate it. The above is true, especially with divorce and how it affects two people. The government needs to settle cases like child custody or divorce because human rights dictate that personal problems within the family need resolutions. Without our laws on our families, disputes can easily tear our most fundamental societal units apart.

What do you need to do before filing for divorce?


You cannot just file for a divorce because you feel you want to. The process is complicated because paperwork, property distribution, and children’s rights need addressing. There are many steps you need to take before you can ensure you are ready to file for divorce. Here are a few steps you need to take before you file your divorce.

1) Look for a divorce lawyer

The first (and most obvious step) when filing a divorce is looking for the best divorce lawyer in Singapore. A divorce lawyer is the only person capable of protecting you and your rights in court. Without them, you will get lost in the complicated divorce process and be unable to navigate your way in the system. You might not get the outcome you need when you face the legal system. Do not make any moves until you have a professional lawyer by your side to help you.

2) Take note of any financial obligations you have

Keeping track of what you owe might just be as important as knowing what you own. If you have significant marital debt, ensure you get the best end of the bargain when dividing the costs between yourselves. Your debt collectors will not care who is at fault or who owes more when you separate. They will only want to get paid. You want a fair division when you split your marital debt.

3) Research property rights and ownership

No one wants to lose what they think is rightfully theirs in a divorce. But there are horror stories of spouses losing everything they have because of the fine print of a contract and the way marriage works in Singapore. A divorce lawyer in Singapore can help you research your rights to your property and ensure you are well informed about what you can fight for in your divorce proceedings.

4) Ensure you have sufficient funds for the process

Not only is a divorce expensive (lawyer fees are just the start), other circumstances may inhibit you from living a normal life after the divorce. Many spouses may become vindictive and try to cut you off from joint bank accounts or other financial means while the divorce is ongoing. You might want to amass an amount of at least 3 to 4 months of living expenses while the divorce is ongoing.

5) Look into the main costs of divorce

As stated before, divorce is a costly affair, and even more so if it is a contested divorce. Some divorce cases may take years to complete. Even if it is a peaceful uncontested divorce, the process drains your funds. Before you start anything, ensure that you are ready for the financial burdens that divorcing your spouse may cost you.

6) Know your familial rights and responsibilities

Child custody is a hot-button issue for divorced parents. When children are involved, the state will always prioritise the well-being of the kids. The court may order joint custody of the children in most cases and you may have to do one of the following: Become the main parent and guardian of the child and make their daily decisions for them, or contribute to the children’s funds to help raise them.

There are many arrangements that a Singapore court could follow but things like wife maintenance and child support are two things you will have to remember. Because most parents want to be involved in the rearing of their children, the state rarely grants single-parent custody— unless one of the parents has good reason to stay out of their child’s life (e.g. they are abusive, violent, clinically indisposed, etc.).

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