Published On: Wed, Aug 24th, 2022

Family Law in Singapore: 9 Pointers for a Successful Legal Career

Behind every good law firm is a successful attorney. However, what makes an attorney successful? Is it the number of court victories? Or perhaps it is a certain amount of annual revenue generated. And to determine what factors contribute to a lawyer’s or law firm’s success, one must first define success.

Success is epitomised in many ways. Success, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is a favourable or desired outcome. It is always desirable to win a case, especially if you are the winner. But does winning a single case constitute success for a family lawyer in Singapore? Or do you need to win two, three, or ten cases to be successful? To further complicate matters, Merriam-Webster defines success as the accumulation of wealth, favour, or eminence.

It raises the question once more. How much revenue must a lawyer or law firm generate to be considered successful? As if that were not confusing enough, lawyers can get a favourable or desired outcome without amassing wealth.

Below are some cool tips for building a successful legal career. 

1. Do not let your past take you hostage.

What has occurred in your life is not a life sentence but a lesson. You are your jailers, and you hold the key to your cells. You are not required to obsess over unpleasant or undesirable events. You are not a victim, so act accordingly. True leaders and winners accept the reality of the situation and move on.

However, as a probate lawyer in Singapore, you must learn and refrain from repeating actions that produce bad outcomes. It may be more crucial for older attorneys with more experience than their younger counterparts.

2. Prioritise personal development over financial gain.

People will admire your health and happiness more than your bank account. Who are the lawyers you like the most? What is the purpose of this life game? Is it to die with the most number of toys or friends? Possessions and wealth are addictive; you can never have enough. If you are healthy and content, you will attract wealth in whatever form you desire. If you are healthy and happy with family law in Singapore, wealth is relative. Wealth is insufficient without health and happiness. True wealth resides in the heart, not in the bank account.

3. What you say is more important than what you put in your mouth.

When feeling terrible, it is possible to say things that you will later come to regret. If you consume unhealthy foods or drink excessively, you will feel bad and it causes you to say negative things and in effect, makes you feel even worse. So you will continue to consume more food and liquids. Alternately, if you are depressed, stressed, or angry because of your circumstances as a family lawyer in Singapore, eating unhealthy foods and drinking will make you feel worse, which in turn will cause you to behave poorly, perpetuating the cycle.

4. Attorneys are admired more for their honesty than their ability to win.

You are familiar with those lawyers who are hostile, argumentative, disagreeable, and simply unlikeable. They may be disliked or feared, but they rarely get admired. Consider how you interact with your coworkers, clients, and the court. Which would you prefer: to be loved for your honesty and integrity or feared for being a jerk?

5. Take 10 minutes per day to breathe and not think.

Overthinking is one of the most common complaints among attorneys. A probate lawyer in Singapore can identify, anticipate, and avoid potential issues. The issue is that you love to think, which is not always beneficial 24/7. Daily, devote 10 minutes to focusing on your breathing. It will make you feel significantly better and refresh your mind.

6. Embrace change.

Change is beneficial because it fosters expansion. Presidents and administrations are replaced every eight years at a minimum. Every time there is a change, there is a new chance. Consider the possibility of change. Don’t oppose. It is advantageous to leave a law firm or change your practice. Experiencing difficulty in your practice is evidence that something must change. Perhaps you require new partners, a new practice area, or an exit from the legal profession. Most of the lessons you learn as a probate lawyer in Singapore apply to the business world and can be applied elsewhere. Alternatively, acquire a new interest.

7. Nothing is more persuasive than kindness.

You can make your point without resorting to hatred. Kindness will attract more happy customers than bitterness. Recently, it has become common for attorneys to threaten each other with ethics complaints or similar actions during family law cases in Singapore. Attorneys need not threaten one another to make their point.


8. If you cannot master your emotions, they will master you.

Many individuals are unaware of how powerful their minds are and what they can accomplish. When you do not focus on positive events and thoughts, you are more likely to focus on negative ones. It is what a family lawyer does in Singapore as they focus on the worst-case scenario. It may come as a surprise, but most successful people do not focus on the worst-case scenario; they concentrate on the best possible outcome. And if you are stressed, angry, or depressed, it is difficult to think positively.

However, this is the only way to heal stress, anger, or depression. As a reminder, it is best to seek medical advice if you are clinically depressed. Positive thinking may not be sufficient for abnormal brain chemistry.

9. Remember that being an attorney is a privilege.

Remember why you chose to become an attorney; none of you was pre-chosen. Frequently, you feel as though you are in prison or, worse, hell. You are only required to do your best, and it suffices. If practising law is not for you, there are other options. And if you’re good at something but not enjoying it, get your mind in order.

When practising law becomes difficult, it is crucial to be grateful. It is easy to be grateful when you win a big case; it speaks more to your character and integrity if you can be thankful during difficult times.

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