Published On: Tue, Jan 4th, 2022

Cbd is heavy for you?

Cbd helps me sleep so much better. Pure craft regularly hears this. Better sleep is one of many benefits to cbd. We also get many questions about full spectrum cbd.

The best type of cbd for sleep

To make it super clear: cbd = Cannabidiol is just one of many cannabis cannabinoids.

Depending on whether it’s marijuana or hemp, and how it’s produced, cbd falls into one of three categories.

  • Full-spectrum cbd
  • Broad-spectrum cbd
  • Cbd hemp oil

Each cbd product has unique pros and negatives. Each type can affect your sleep differently.

Full-spectrum cbd

One possible drawback of full-spectrum cbd is its higher THC levels. THC is the cannabis cannabinoid responsible for that “high” feeling. You bet. THC has a sedative and intoxicating effect. It may cause the munchies and possibly a food coma.


Isolate cbd contains zero THC. So, no drowsiness. However, isolate is not a source of terpenes nor flavonoids.

Flavonoids as well as terpenes make cbd the perfect combination. Combining cbd oil with even the smallest amount THC will create what is known as the “entourage impact.” it could be a great combination that can give you better sleep and help you get the most out of your hemp oil.

Broad-spectrum cbd

Goldilocks might claim that broad-spectrum cbd can be “just correct!” we would agree. It is a terpene- and flavonoid-rich product that contains only trace amounts THC. It contains less than 0.3% THC.

Is cbd making you sleepy throughout the day?

If you are going full-spectrum, it is possible that the THC can make you want to take a rest. Cbd doesn’t have such an effect.

Cbd is not meant to make you sleepy at night. Cbd consumers have reported that their experience with it has helped them feel more alert and clear, as well as allowing them to sleep better at nights.

The best of both the worlds! Here’s how.

The biology of cbd & sleep

While you might feel better after taking a sedative, your sleep may not be as good for the next night. On the other side, you won’t experience better sleep.

The key to sleep health is the support of your night and wake cycles. Your body will achieve this when it is in a state known as homeostasis.

Your body will achieve homeostasis if all of your systems are working well. Your best balanced self is what it means. An internal glow-up.

Your body desires homeostasis. There are biological systems in place to ensure that it stays on track. Stress is the biggest culprit.

Stress can increase or worsen insomnia and other sleep disorders. This can lead to you staring at your ceiling until 3am, or even waking you up in mid-night.

  • Cbd can help.
  • Cbd can improve sleep.

Here’s the cool thing. The ecs is a biohacking tool that allows you to bypass the stress effects.

Cbd, our biohacker buddy, works with your ecs. While it is not clear how cbd and ecs interact with each other, evidence strongly suggests cbd may be able to help you maintain homeostasis. Cbd is used to treat diseases, increase immunity and improve overall wellness.

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