Published On: Wed, Oct 26th, 2022

Aircon Repair & Maintenance in Singapore – 4 Tips To Put Into Practice

We always found ourselves needing the AC system to run for a  day. The room temperature can sometimes be unbearable in the dry summer season, and it’s a perfect time to regulate our room temperature with an air conditioning system. However, how often have we thought about opting for an aircon servicing or an aircon chemical wash in Singapore?

Your air conditioning system is an investment you choose for your household. It’s a must for us to learn how we can preserve our air conditioning and ensure it has a lasting life in the long run. A healthy and well-optimised AC system can cut energy costs, which helps you save more in the long run. Without further ado, here are some AC maintenance tips every owner must practice:

1. Unclog the AC’s condenser

Your air conditioning system’s condensing system can become clogged by dirt, debris and dust build-up over some time. With the extensive time we run our aircon, we often neglect the accumulation inside the device, which can affect its performance and efficiency. Hence, you need to check the condenser of the unit. Wipe and clean down the fan blades after removing the obstruction. Otherwise, you might need to opt for an aircon repair along the way.

2. Change the air filters

Your AC system’s air filters are also susceptible and prone to dirt and dust exposure. From hair to other dust, the system’s filters can have contaminants, which can be harmful to human health. Over time, filters can get clogged up. Hence replacing your aircon’s air filters every few months can help improve the system’s performance.

3. Schedule professional servicing

Opting for professional aircon cleaning and maintenance services is one of the most effective ways to extend your AC system’s life. Whether it’s Haier, Toshiba or Daikin aircon servicing in Singapore, hiring professional maintenance is an integral aspect that you should not forget. Otherwise, you might end up looking for more costly repairs and parts replacement. Thus, scheduling for professional maintenance can evaluate and assess the current condition of your AC unit. 

4. Opt for a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat is almost a must-have for the latest air conditioning systems in the market. So what does it do? While it won’t prevent you from needing an aircon repair in Singapore, what it does is it helps you save more money on utility bills. It helps you manage your  AC system’s cooling temperature at different parts throughout the day.

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