Published On: Mon, Jul 10th, 2017

5 Easy Ways To Book A Table At A Restaurant

Most of us would have faced the disappointment when we go for lunch or dinner at our favourite restaurant, but there are no tables available!

Almost all tables at busy restaurants like Moti Mahal Delux are either pre-booked or generally occupied. Getting an impromptu table at these busy restaurants is next to impossible. So, it is always advised to book a table early on and dine without any unprecedented waiting period.

There are many ways to book a table and most of them are exceptionally easy. Here are five of the easiest of ways to book a table at a restaurant.

Moti Mahal Delux

  1. Go to the Restaurant Directly:

In case the restaurant is close to your residence or it is on your daily commute route, you can book a table by directly visiting the restaurant. This was the only way to book when telephones or internet wasn’t around. When booking a table using this method, you can select the table as well! This way is highly recommended if you want a specific table to be booked, for example, a table near a window looking at the view outside. After selecting the table, you can fill in your contact details and even order if you want. Your table is booked.

  1. Call the Restaurant on Their Landline/Mobile Number:

Many restaurants offer this option. You can call up the reception of the restaurant to make a reservation. The contact details are available online as well as in the menu brochure or advertisement in which you saw the restaurant. Just ask for the table availability on the desired date and time and if the table is available, book it by giving your contact details. You can order using this option as well if you have the menu with you.

  1. Use the Online Website of the Restaurant:

A few high-end restaurants have their own websites where they allow you to book tables at the restaurant. However, this is a really low percentage of restaurants. Check whether the restaurant that you want to book the table at has its own online presence. If the restaurant does have an online website, check all the services the website has to offer. In case there is a table booking service available then you can go ahead and book a table from their website. The website might generate some sort of booking ID, which you can either print or it would come as a message on your mobile. You just need to show that while entering the restaurant and you would be shown the way to your reserved table.

  1. Log on to Online Table Booking Services:

Many websites have come up in the past few years, which would allow you to book tables online. These websites not only allow you to book tables, but also offer deals and exclusive coupons that can be availed a the restaurants. Some websites even allow the users to log in to their websites and write reviews about the restaurants. These reviews and ratings help other users like you to learn about the quality and highlights of different restaurants.

They offer variety of restaurants to choose from and also provide you with details of how much it would cost, features of the restaurants and latest menus of the restaurant. You can decide what to order beforehand and enjoy your delicious meal at the restaurant without any delay.

  1. Use the Mobile Application:

Most of these table-booking websites have their own mobile applications available at all mobile application stores for free. If you find yourself scarce of a desktop computer, then you can directly use the mobile application to book the tables. Just select the restaurant, date, time, and offers and book the table.

Whenever you feel famished, you can easily book a table at your favourite restaurant by using these easy table booking techniques. Depending on the restaurant and what you need from the table booking experience, choose any of the above mentioned ways to book your table.

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