Published On: Wed, Sep 13th, 2017

3 Major Advantages of Using Digital Scorers Tables

If you are a coach or an athletic director and your court is still not equipped with at least one digital scoring table, then you are missing out on a lot of cool things. There is a reason why these devices are becoming more and more popular. If at first they were only seen in professional courts, nowadays they can be found in most school gymnasiums and local sports courts. If you still need convincing, here are 3 major advantages of using digital scorers tables:

1. You can use them to raise money

Few coaches benefit from the court of their dreams or the budget to put all their coaching plans in motion. In fact, most coaches have to make do with ancient facilities and old equipment. However, if you don’t have the budget for all your plans, you can use digital scorers tables to raise some money from advertising deals. We are certain that there are a lot of local businesses which would be thrilled to advertise themselves at your next game. Don’t worry about the technical factors, as the scoring tables are very easy to use. In fact, if you buy them from Sideline Interactive, they will come with an intuitive software, which can show you proof of play reports. This way, you can show your sponsors exactly how many times their ads were played.

2. They make the games more interesting

The Sideline Interactive scoring tables are not just for sponsorship programs. They also have some fun features which make the games more interesting. For example, they can play special messages and animations to engage the audience during key game moments. Not only do the crowd prompts engage the audience, but the player information can also motivate the players. After all, everyone will want to have their name displayed on the digital table and then shouted by all the fans.

3. They can be great coaching tools

The digital scoring tables are made of sturdy materials to withstand different impacts. So you can leave them in the gym at all times and even use them during coaching sessions. For example, the software of the Sideline Interactive tables also integrates some coaching functions. One of those functions allows you to play game videos. You can use this to show your team their main strengths but also their weaknesses. Watch previous games and see how the playing strategies can be improved.


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