Published On: Fri, Jan 28th, 2022

15 Balloon Designs For Your Celebrations | Balloon Decoration Ideas

Birthday parties and wedding celebrations are popular events where you can use balloons. If you would also celebrate Christmas day or any special occasion with your loved ones, balloons are a good idea. You can also see it in concerts and openings. They make the life of the event livelier and happier, especially if there are kids around. With this, do not forget to check balloon decoration ideas in Singapore to know what matches your event.


Events are incomplete without balloons in the entrance or the corners. If you want to add more, you can also place some on the table or the ceiling. Wherever you put it, ensure that they are safe. You will see many balloon decoration ideas in Singapore, and some of them would match your event. Here are some balloon designs you can create:


Balloon sculpture is one of the known customised balloons in Singapore. But of course, you need to depend on the theme of your event. If you want it for a birthday party for kids, you can create animal shapes or their favourite cartoon characters. For weddings, you can make a couple-like balloon.


If you want your event entrance or hallway to look welcoming and colourful, you might want to try putting a balloon archway. It can make the place look lively and bright. It can make your visitors feel that they will have a good time on the occasion.


You can also use balloons as a gift. And one of the things you can look for is a balloon bouquet in Singapore. You can give it to a birthday celebrant, your partner, and your parents. The design varies on the event, so choose one correctly. It also has different combinations, so know the favouritecolour of the person who will receive it to appreciate it more.


The flower balloon is different from the bouquet, so do not confuse them. The flower balloon is from five to six balloons, forming a flower. You can also buy ones already in shape, and all you need to do is put air in them. It is better to have it in different sizes and colours, like a flower.


The stage is incomplete without the presence of balloons. If you are looking for proposal decoration ideas in Singapore, you will notice that this design is always there. If you want it to look classy, you can use the colours gold, rose gold, white, and black.


If you can find small balloons, you can make sprinkle balloons. However, forming this decoration can be time-consuming. Yes, they might be small. But you need to include the time of placing them on your wall. You also need to be mindful of the colours because they look better if you use pastel tones. Blue, pink, orange, white, and green are the colours you can use.


You can create many things in balloons, and one of them is a gumball balloon. It is not from the cartoon The Amazing World of Gumball but the gumball machine. The balloon you will use must be transparent, serving as the machine. The coloured balloons will be inside the transparent one, looking like gumballs. This style is one of the known customised balloons you will get in Singapore.


Aside from the archway, you can also use balloon columns in your entrance and hallways. Use it to give direction to your guests on where they are going. If you create this one, ensure that you make them early because it can be time-consuming. Match the colours with the event theme, and put something on top of it.



Helium balloons are accessible in Singapore. You can create many decorations from it, and a good example is a floating balloon. Once you put the air in, place it on your ceiling. You can design it with ribbons to make it more appealing. Make it short, but not too much. Measure it and ensure that your guests can reach it.


Showpieces also give life to your party. Aside from the entrance and hallways, you can also put small ones on the desk, and this balloon design is what you can use. Do not forget to match it with your event theme or colour.


If you want a unique balloon decoration, try balloon clouds. You will not have difficulties looking for a balloon because all you need is a white colour. Once you put air on each, assemble them and make them look like clouds. Do it for a children’s party or if you want to celebrate baptism. You can also put this decoration on if you celebrate wedding anniversaries.


You will see some event locations with nets on their ceilings. They put balloons in those nets to use for falls or drops. This idea is for surprises or if your partner said yes to your proposal.


You never miss letter balloons in a proposal decoration. You can give messages using this design or emphasise what you are celebrating. If you want to buy it, choose the correct colour for your event. Gold, silver, and black are the colours you can buy for this kind of balloon.


If there are letter balloons, number balloons also exist. They are usable for birthdays and anniversaries. You can also have them in gold, silver, and black. But here, you can have more colour options.


Character balloons are usually for kids. You can see it with different cartoon characters or superheroes. Look for customised balloons to have at your party. But other than the parties, balloon sellers in parks also offer this. Before buying one, ensure that the characters are correct and the balloons are in condition.

You can use balloons in any celebrations you will hold. Do not forget to have them at your parties to ensure that you can keep the life and vibes of the place. If you want to know more about event preparation and decoration, visit the website of Hello Joi. They provide various services to their clients, like birthday balloon delivery in Singapore.

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